eSuite: Designing Physical Learning Spaces

Inquirium provided consulting and design services to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry to create a state of the art e-learning classroom called the "eSuite." Inquirium designers advised a team of architects, AV specialists, and museum educators to create a 21st-century learning space that integrates networked computing, distributed displays, and teleconferencing capabilities. Inquirium developed the "pedagogical vision" for the space, which uses ubiquitous, distributed technologies to support active learning, collaboration across individuals and small groups, and opportunities for extended inquiry.

“Inquirium provided a thoughtful, human approach to my project, and they contributed greatly to the larger e-Suite team. Their recommendations stemmed from experience and research, and I trusted their advice. I would recommend their services to anybody seeking a creative approach to a project.”
– Elory Rozner, Museum of Science and Industry

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