We design innovative software for learning.

Inquirium creates compelling problem-based environments for learners, and innovative information analysis tools for teachers and researchers.

As professional educators, designers, developers, and researchers, we bring a unique combination of skills to the design of any learning environment. We have a deep understanding of how people learn, as well as how to design and develop robust software solutions.


Our software supports inquiry in data-rich environments.

InqScribe is a tool to support digital media analysis in the social sciences.

ICLS 2010 is an iPhone program guide to the International Conference of the Learning Sciences.


We design and develop custom learning environments. We work collaboratively with you to identify learning goals and develop innovative solutions.

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“Inquirium is unique in that they go beyond the computer interface to the underlying thought processes of users. The results are open-ended simulations which are authentic and engaging.”
Keith Winsten, Brookfield Zoo